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BT’s Specialty Services LLC

A Veteran owned Company.

Autoclave Calibrations: Certifications of Temperature & Pressure Controls and Displays Adjust as needed. Can provide labels, and Certificates of Calibration, and OPE.

Autoclave Maintenance & Repair: Steam & Water,piping and fitting Leaks, Vacuum issues, Door locking and closing components, gaskets / seals. Quarterly maintenance performed above Manufactures Recommendations. To ensure reliable and continuous operation at peak performance.

Autoclave Inspections: Need to verify that your autoclave equipment is in good operating condition. Past repair issues, or current issues that cannot seem to be resolved. Leaks that are not being taken care of.

Need a quote to bring the Sterilizer equipment up to Manufacturer standards, Calibrations, PM & Repair. . Want a free equipment evaluation? Click on the WORK ORDER BUTTON above

Washers: of all models makes and types are also serviced in the same way.

Autoclaves, Steam Sterilizers Cage, Cart, Bottle, Tunnel Washers, and more. This is our specialty. Life Science or Health Care, Sterilizing and Decontamination Equipment.

Cell Phone 857-219-1853 Please leave a message all calls are screened. I will call you back at the number you leave in the voice mail.


When we are contracted to do your work we see it thru to the end. It is our goal to do our very best with every call we receive.


If your equipment is 50 years old or brand new we know how to service it. It does not matter the manufacturer, model or make. We may ask for supporting manuals or documentation for more intensive repairs, or for the manufacturers part number.


We have over 30 years of experience and have received training and hands on experience from all the major manufactures as well as a few minor ones.

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Our Goals

To Exceed our Customers expectations. To meet our customers needs in all aspects of equipment service.


30 years of successful service. Happy Customers, and references are available.